FBI Paying Geek Squad as Informants on Customers

FBI paying Geek Squad employees for information on computers they fix - as per Electronic Frontier Foundation FOIA request.

We need a National Privacy Rights Act, and we need our Federal law enforcement to follow due process.


Why Republicans Don't Care About Fixing Washington

Why Republicans Don't Care About Fixing Washington - hint it has to do with getting elected and staying in power, not real reform

We Saw This Train wreck Coming

We saw this train wreck coming . . .

No. Responsibility. In. DC.

At $2.3 Trillion cost, Trump tax cuts leave big gap.


Pray for the Victims and Their Families

Pray for the victims, their families, and the many many people affected in this tragedy.


Spending Bill Raises Expectations of Fed Rate Increases - WSJ

Cutting taxes without a plan and increasing spending without discipline, drives up debt, long term inflation, and future taxes. It is irresponsible that our Texas Senators no longer stand for fiscal responsibility. Do your job Mr. Cruz.


Good expose on the causes of the opioid crisis

Good expose on the causes of the opioid crisis. A major national concern, but perhaps a more complicated issue and solution than our politicians admit


How much does your Congressman get paid?

$174,000/year + benefits, up 23% from 2001.  I wonder if they are 23% more productive?

Congress Needs to Do Its Job

Congress needs to do its job.

"But since 1997, Congress has never passed more than a third of its regular appropriations bills on time, and usually has done considerably less than that: For instance, for six straight years (fiscal 2011 through 2016), not a single spending bill was passed by Oct. 1." - Pew Research

The real reason our Congress shut down the government for 3 days?  Politics