Father's Day and Immigration

Lost in the saddening debacle about newly enforcing an old policy to separate children of illegal immigrants from their parents at the border, is a single crucial point that we need real immigration reform - badly, and now.

  • Congress can address the awful specter of an America so divided by immigration that we let this happen, and let ourselves be defined by viral images of children separated from parents, simply by passing a good immigration law, and replacing what we have.  Yes, it will have to be multi-partisan to get it done. Yes, it is likely that no party will be perfectly happy.  But it is obvious that our current immigration laws are not working, and make no one happy.  Yet neither the Republican nor Democrat parties have been willing to step up and risk the wrath of their primary voters by getting their job done.  On immigration reform Congressional head in the sand has been going on for literally decades.  This is happening in Texas, our elected Texas Federal officials need to step up.
  • More saddening is the fact that the reason this policy is coming up today, is that the Republicans are using it as a pretty basic negotiating 101 tactic to bring the Democrats to the table to vote on Republican border control issues.  And the Democrats are taking the bait.  I want a fix that will last for generations.  Not an emergency bill that just funds more border control ahead of the midterms, and or let's the Democrats get a DACA "win" at the expense of real immigration reform.  Our legal immigrants, our businesses, and those who seek to join our amazing country, deserve a bedrock, well considered, multi-partisan law that makes sense, and won't be gamed by politicians on either side of the aisle for elections.
  • People migrate to the US today for the same reason my family did generations ago, opportunity for their children. I am thankful mine took the risk.  We should all take a moment and be proud that our neighbors respect what we have built, rather than complaining about what we don't like.  I for one would like to see more legal immigration. If we think we are going to bring manufacturing back, grow our tech and energy sectors, and keep up our vaunted status as breadbasket to the world let alone manage our debts with no immigration, we need to look in the mirror and consider the lessons of the Japan experience.  If we think we will out compete China and Europe by closing our markets and borders, taking our ball and going home, or can just go back to 1955, we should remember the world does not stand still.
  • America is both a nation of compassion, of immigrants, of opportunity, and a nation of laws.  There is literally no one in favor of separating children from parents.  I cannot fathom that either side in the debate believes the current outcome is acceptable or the best we can do.  But that is how we come to this point?  Texas, as one of the largest immigrant gateways to America, a largely conservative state, a huge ag state and a border state with a huge immigrant population and voter base - needs to lead on immigration reform.  No one else is. 
  • You've heard the proverb, what's the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago.  The second best time? Now.

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