Listen to Neal Dikeman on the Issues on The Bitter Truth

We talk about budgets and deficits, the debt, healthcare, privacy, defense, a host of other topics before we ran out of time.  To quote Bitter Truth host Abe Abdelhadi, who like Congressman O'Rourke is on the record favoring single payer healthcare, which I do not, after he heard Congressman O'Rourke had ignored a call to debate me - "Listen to this Neal Dikeman interview! He'll obliterate O'Rourke." 


Webcast of Neal Dikeman's interview on West Texas Wind on AM 1610, out of Valentine, Texas. 

Valentine Radio

Host Mark Glover and Neal talk everything from budget deficits, Federal debt, to healthcare, to defense, and what we need to do to change politics for the better.  We also talk about the deep Libertarian voting history in the TransPecos and West Texas.


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