Fiscal Responsibility

Passing a budget and fiscal responsibility should be the top priorities for Congress. All this time we debate on how the money should be collected, or what the money should be spent on, is wasted if we never actually come to decisions on these issues. Our current politicians for years have passed hundreds of stop gap continuing resolutions but have been unable to come to an agreement on a fiscally responsible budget. Their failure is now hurting future generations. For every dollar spent today, we borrow 20 cents from the future.  Every year for the last six years, every category of federal spending has gone up, as the deficits rose.

  • As your Senator I would support across the board zero-based budgeting on all spending, including defense and non- discretionary, and two-year budgets. I would be an active proponent of putting a stop to continuing resolutions and annual cost creep.
  • As your Senator I would work to create a balanced budget and sound fiscal policy with respect to the federal debt levels.
  • As your Senator, I would be an advocate for dealing with entitlements and healthcare costs. I would address those hard questions regarding Medicare and Social Security insolvency.

As an economist and venture capitalist, I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility and balanced budgeting for economic stability and national security. As an entrepreneur, I have founded seven startups and held every executive job in a company. As a U.S. Senator, I will put our country on a sound financial footing for our citizens, our seniors, and our children.

Tax Reform

Our representatives have consistently voted to raise taxes but have not been held accountable for any of their claims. Every major category of government spending has gone up every year for the last several years.  Americans are paying more and more of their hard-earned income to the government, and still not happy with the results. We don’t need more taxation, we need more government accountability.

  • As your Senator, I would work to simplify our tax code. Taxes should not be so complicated that people must use their hard-earned money just to file them.
  • As your Senator, I would work to put a stop to the legislation of behavior through tax codes.
  • As your Senator, I would work to close special interest loopholes, as well as simplifying and lowering overall and marginal tax rates. I would work to ensure the bulk of government spending is kept, when possible, at the state and local, not federal, levels.


Free trade is one of the core principles that has driven economic growth in the last 100 years. However, government sponsored free-trade has failed to benefit the all and has instead benefited only the few.

  • As your Senator, I would work to ensure that free trade is fair trade, and that access and opportunity matter as much as tariffs. I would work to ensure access to lower tariffs on goods where America has a competitive advantage.
  • As your Senator, I would work to ensure education, opportunity, labor, mobility, and competitiveness at home. This way every American has the chance to participate in the benefits of free trade.
  • As your Senator, I would support the maintenance of a strong federal balance sheet so that we are not beholden to other countries.

Local Government

Too much centralized government has led to the loss of power within the state and local governments, and more importantly, a lack of accountability. Power too far from home is power abused.  Those sitting in office claiming to represent us have continued to allow Washington to take more power away from state and local government. As a result, individuals are starting to feel as though they do not have any say in their government and are rightfully frustrated.

  • As your Senator, I would work to give the decisions on education, infrastructure, and taxes back to the local levels.
  • As your Senator, I would work to stop the running of money from citizens in the states through Federal programs, then back to the states and local governments and schools. Especially when that money can be collected and spent on matters at home.
  • As your Senator, I would work to keep Washington from interfering in local issues by asking myself if the policy is first, Constitutional, and second, could it be better handled on a more local level? 


We live in a digital world, and privacy rights are at the forefront of the battle for property and individual liberty. Time after time our representatives have promised us that they will do something about these infringements. Our own Texas governor once promised to stop the state from selling citizens’ information. Yet, nothing has come of that promise. These rights are repeatedly stepped on by our federal government in the name of security.

  • As your Senator I would work to sponsor a National Privacy Protection Act to update our current laws for the digital age. We need to keep companies honest and protect our data and privacy rights from government and corporate overreach. This would ensure things as important as your credit card and health care data are yours, and yours alone.
  • As your Senator, I would work to create national opt-out lists for data privacy and ensure companies are fully accountable to their consumers for data use rights. As Senator, I would be sure that citizens are not alone when fighting against identity theft.
  • As your Senator, I would work to ensure due process requirements on government data collection and strict aggressive Congressional oversight of executive and judicial activities related to privacy.

Social Issues

As a proponent of small government, I believe the government has an extremely limited role in your social and personal life. As a citizen, I have watched our justice system bogged down with drug, traffic, and immigration loads. We pay taxes for law enforcement to enforce laws that shouldn't be on our books, put our law enforcement and citizens in harms way, and exacerbate immigration issues over a drug war that puts people into jail and profits into the hands of criminals.  

  • As your Senator I would support legislation that will get the government out of your bedroom.
  • As your Senator I would work to end the long, expensive, and failed drug war.
  • As an individual I am pro-choice. I understand the issues and positions of my many pro-life friends. But I do not believe this is an issue between the federal government and the individual, but the individual, their family, and God. 

Health Care



Our healthcare system and funding should be as good as our amazing healthcare providers. Lack of cost control, portability, and lack of consumer choice constrains coverage for Americans in unfair ways. We need a million-payer system, not a single payer system, or cartel-like employer tied limited payer. Every American should be able to shop both directly for insurance with or without a job, and directly for medical care with or without insurance, and without price, service, or tax discrimination.

Our current healthcare funding system is not free market based, and does not work.  We need to fix it. 

  • As your Senator I would focus on portability and direct consumer choice in both provider and insurance. I would work to deliver portability in insurance and eliminate the tie of our health insurance to our jobs. I would work to eliminate the price and service discrimination of doctors and hospitals in favor of tax subsidized insurance plans.
  • As your Senator I would work to require medical providers to provide good faith estimates for services ahead of time, like other providers, and end service provision and price discrimination based on insurance plans due to indirect pay clients.
  • As your Senator I would support permitting the same healthcare tax breaks for individuals as those enjoyed by corporations. 

Immigration Reform

Our country was built upon the idea of leaving one’s home in hope of starting a new, freer life. Yet, even though it is still written on Lady Liberty that we are a welcoming country, our borders are a mess of policies that work for no one, not the right nor the left.  Nor are they built to support a modern economy.  Comprehensive immigration reform has been on the table since before I could vote.  Congress has not acted.  Issues like families separated at the border, cross border crime, and illegal immigration are a symptom of badly designed government interventions in our social system, combined with badly designed immigration policies.

  • As your Senator I would support legislation offering clearly defined pathways for immigration and for citizenship.
  • As your Senator I would support immigration laws that will address the impacts of immigration policy on public services.
  • As your Senator I would work to permit practical and accessible, short term, reciprocal economic labor mobility across our borders with our neighbors. 

National Defense 

A strong national defense is necessary to the sovereignty of a nation. There is no need for that strong national defense to be indefinitely defending other nations or standing at-ease in other countries waiting on orders to attack. A generation has grown up, and is about to vote, that has never known us not at war.  Our government has been responsible for permitting countless acts of war yet continuously shrugs off the responsibility by avoiding the chance to vote on the issue. As a result, countless Americans have died, billions of your tax dollars have been spent, and we have been responsible for the deaths of millions of innocents.  After 17 years, it's time to change policy.

  • As your Senator I would not support foreign wars that drain our talented youth, our capital, and our moral authority.
  • As your Senator I would work to ensure congressional oversight of military actions. Only Congress has a right to declare war. Congress should take control over this right.
  • As your Senator I would work to support those alliances that stand for peace, prosperity, and human rights in the modern world.

Statement of Purpose

I am a father, a business man, and a citizen. I am running because life and politics are participatory sports, and elected officials don't get to kick the can down the road without citizens standing up.  The best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago.  The second best time?  Now.  Today is the time to stand up and build our country for our children.  It is time for we, the people, to stand up and deliver a message to our Representatives. That message is “We Have Had ENOUGH!”

If you have had enough, vote for me, Neal Dikeman, for U.S. Senate.