Mr. Sanders you are Nuts

Mr. Sanders you are nuts.  You may be the most popular politician in America, but there is nothing intelligent about a program to guarantee jobs. Millions more job postings than new jobs created are not fake news.  We have 5-10x as many job openings as jobs created in America.

Let's start with our common ground.  I, along with most Americans, well understand that growing income inequality is a concern - and I want this world to be a better place for my daughters - full stop.  And I expect to live in an America where every individual and each family can support themselves, and afford healthcare, food, housing, and feel like they have a voice and equal opportunity.  But unlike you I believe the government does not solve these problems, its citizens do, and when it is needed, my local and state government is a better place for citizens to solve problems than letting a Vermont Senator take money from Texas to solve it in Washington for 50 states.  

You are proof of that.  You are a sitting Senator, and have been in Congress since I was in middle school.  You participated in creating this inequality - supporting easy money policies of the past two decades, shifting value from wage owners into investors, and out of retirees hands and into the hands of banks.  You exacerbated this by helping drive a healthcare policy that focused on coverage, not cost, driving precious wage growth into the hands of our healthcare sector instead of our workers, and have left our workforce still unable to easily leave jobs, start companies or change states to get work without risking their families' healthcare.  And by irresponsibly driving up our deficit and debt, you've taken money out of the hands of our government and citizens, and left us with no dry powder left to deliver this or any other agenda.  Your failure to deal with the aftermath of financial crisis, and student loan crisis - enabled by an easy loan policy helping create skyrocketing higher educational costs, and a bad subsidized Federal mortgage policy - have left a nation, and worse a whole generation, with less labor mobility and fewer options than at any time in US history.  In fact, your family benefited financially from that.  

And now you want to "guarantee" every American a job, not just make up a minimum wage?

Mr. Sanders we currently have $341,000 in federal liabilities for every household in America, nearly twice the average American mortgage.  Our current Congressionally approved budget will add another $100,000 in debt for every family by the time by 5 year old gets to high school.  You are asking us to write checks our body can't cash - because you already cashed them - yet your generation which benefited from this borrowing won't be around in decades to pay the piper.  My 3 and 5 year old daughters will.  You do not get to rob their future to pay for your ideas and stay in office.  I am running against Ted Cruz, and challenging everyone like you and him - because my daughters are 3 and 5 and don't deserve this.

Let's get to your current policy inanity.

The idea that you can "guarantee" jobs to everyone is nonsensical - and shows a naivete about how the real world works that reinforces the low public opinion of career politicians.  You are better than this, or you should be.  We actually tried these ideas in the New Deal in the 1930s - and combined them with trade wars in order to turn a stock market crash into a crashed economy for a decade.  It didn't work then, and definitely won't work in the digital age.

As someone who is running for US Senate, and who has actually founded and launched companies, and hired folks from minimum wage to CEOs, I can tell you unequivocally, we do not have a jobs problem.  Jobs go unfilled in America because we can't find qualified people, or those people can't move to where the jobs are like your generation did.  We have a skills problem, and labor mobility problem.  Don't believe me? today "792,00 new jobs in the last 7 days"

LinkedIn today "Showing 4.4 mm results" in a search for full time jobs in United States posted in the last month


"Total nonfarm payroll employment edged up by 103,000 in March, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 4.1 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today" - of course that last obscures the fact that the unemployment RATE is unchanged in large part because people who drop out of the work force or get discouraged stop looking aren't counted.  The real "rate" is a lot higher.

I suppose you think all those job postings are fake news?

Every company I know has unfilled jobs.  Every one of them.  Not just minimum wage jobs, or $15 an hour jobs, though plenty of those.  Every company I know struggles with turnover, and considers itself lucky if half of new hires work out.  No company with a brain actually wants to hire people 15,000 miles away when it can get some one in its home town.  Board and management discussions are about growth, and customers, and products, and costs and talent and risk - the profits are a function of those - but you wouldn't know that, because you've worked for the government your whole life.  No company has a problem paying more for good talent.  Every business owner, manager, and CEO I know spends half their working day worrying about getting amazing people, and keeping the ones they have.  That's THEIR job.  I am personally struggling right now to find great painters, carpenters, sales people, executives, engineers, and accountants for my own businesses.  We do however have a debt problem, and a healthcare problem, and an income inequality problem, and education problems - all that you helped cause - and all that make my talent problems worse - but you don't offer a real solution to those.  And your best ideas?  You don't have a way to pay for them except for robbing my 5 year old daughter.

Do you know what will happen, Mr. Sanders, if you offered anyone in America a $15/hour government job?  When we can't fill the ones we have?  It will make it even harder for people like me to find great employees and get them working on real products and projects.  And it sends a signal to every American that your work is not valued, you don't have to teach your kids to be good at their jobs, you are owed something.  Then, because you just made it even harder for America to fill its own jobs, we'll end with MORE offshoring of jobs overseas, and MORE illegal immigration to replace those employees you are borrowing from my daughters to pay to do your pet projects.  And we'll also end up with more inflation, and higher future taxes to pay for that check you already cashed.  Worse, the brunt will be borne by small business, who already struggle to compete with large companies for great talent, and we'll see more concentration of economic power in big business and Washington.  All the opposite of what you want to see.  Your policies aren't just inane, they are counterproductive to your own ends.

As my Dad taught me, the customer pays your salary, not the business.  Well Mr. Sanders, I am your customer, and I am the customer of those folks to whom you want to guarantee a job.  And I am not buying.

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