Neal's Bio

Neal is a 6th generation Texan from Houston running for US Senate. He is a venture capitalist, and a serial entrepreneur with 9+ startups under his belt.

He spent most of his career as a successful venture capitalist, in the world's tech capital, Silicon Valley and the world's energy capital, Houston. He has been a venture capitalist at Jane Capital, the firm he cofounded at age 25 and helped build into a leading player in cleantech; the parent company of; and at Shell Oil. In addition to investing, he has personally cofounded 7 technology startups ranging from energy to software, and served as CEO, VP, CFO, and Chairman, and Board member multiple times. Startups he has cofounded have raised hundreds of millions of dollars, built factories, gone public, spanned 3 continents - all powered by amazing people.

He is currently an active investor, the Chairman of the network, and, and on the board of directors of Texas based manufacturer American Electric Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:AETI), as well as Treasurer and Session member at Spring Branch Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas, where his family was a charter member over half a century ago. He is a 3rd generation Aggie, Class of ’98, with a degree in economics, an Eagle Scout, and began his career in energy at Bankers Trust, the 8th largest bank in the US, in Houston, TX.

Neal has been one of the leading writers and experts on cleantech and technology in energy, with his blog named a 50 Best Business Blog globally by the London Times, has written for dozens of outlets including CNET/ as well as been cited on the future of energy by hundreds of publications from Time to the Wall Street Journal.  He is your candidate for US Senate.