On the Issues - Why Your Healthcare is Tied your Job and How to Fix It

Neal has proposed a Million Payer Plan - unwinding the decades old tax deal that tied your health insurance to your job and moving to a true market based system to drive affordability, broad coverage, and cost reductions in healthcare.

Healthcare should be deflationary like other tech industries, not seeing price increases at twice the rate of the economy.

It is morally bankrupt that your healthcare is tied to your job, let alone your government.  It's none of their business.

If we don't fix health care costs, not just try and cap price and at the expense of service, we risk an expanded Medicare and Medicaid bankrupting our Federal system, or causing big tax increases down the road.

We all want universal, affordable care, and we want insurance, and a way to pay for it.  But moving from the 4 payer tax subsidized system we have now to single payer may restrict price for a while, at the cost of service and quality.  But it's not an answer, and is not needed.  Over time if we don't address cost, we'll pay higher prices and get poorer service and quality.  And leaving our bad system in place is simply reactionary and a drag on the economy and our citizens.  

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