Texas A&M and UT Student News Run Our Open Letter to Debate Beto O'Rourke and Ted Cruz

As of yesterday both the UT Texas Orator, which has launched a Change.org petition, and the Texas A&M Battalion have published our Open Letter to Congressman O'Rourke and Senator Cruz calling for debates at UT, A&M and Sul Ross State.

What does it say when student publications at both of our Flagship universities call for Libertarian inclusion in a debate, but two Ivy League educated Republican and Democrat nominees refuse, and our major news organizations don't challenge them?  If you want to lead our future, face me in front of them.

Full disclosure, I'm a 3rd generation Aggie, with 3 generations of UT alums in my family dating back to when my great grandfather was Dean of the UT Engineering School. And Sul Ross, well, Sul Ross is in the heart Libertarian country, so I get why they don't want to face me there.




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