We Should not have to Vote our of Fear of the Other Guy

It is fascinating how many times I have been told that a vote for me is a vote to help, flip a coin, either Ted or Beto, depending on the commenter's fears.  

Exhibit A why we are running. You should not have to cast a vote because they are afraid the "other guy" might win.  

I do not cast my vote now, nor would I as a Senator, based on what other voters have or might do.  I am not asking for your vote, or your kudos, I ask that you read my positions, listen to my message, and vote your conscience on November 6. Every one of us has complained that we need better choices for our politics.  Now you have one. Time to step up, stop complaining that you're afraid of giving voters a choice.

I am frankly tired of being told by Republicans, "Ted believes in shrinking government. We shouldn't vote against Ted, because he's only one of 100 Senators, so he can't be accountable for Congress' failures and rising spending and deficits". My response, there are 28 mm amazing Texans for 2 Senate slots. If he can't get the job done, I am quite sure we have some great replacements in this state. If you don't like my policies, write in someone you do. #TedCruz ought to be more afraid of me than #Betofortexas.  If he wants to ensure he beats #NealDikeman or Beto all he has to do is start listening to the average voter in Texas and not his own safe echo chamber. 

Or from the other side, I'll siphon votes from Beto and keep Ted in office. In Texas, no Democrat has won statewide in over two decades.  Democrats don't need to be afraid of me siphoning votes away, first they have to actually have policies that will attract them. Beto is not going to knock off an incumbent Republican Senator while running in Texas as a far left single payer healthcare, raise the minimum wage, anti-gun, pro national service progressive.  If he wants Texas, he can come after my voters in the middle as well. I am excited that he is turning out media and making this a race. The last Democrat Senate candidate in Texas got blown out by 26 points and no one remembers his name. But if he has a chance, it's because Ted and he are ceding the swing voters in moderate middle of Texas to the Libertarians, and I'll make it a race. Oh, newsflash, that means I have the same chance. That massive quiet, fiscally conservative, rational, tolerant, community serving caring hardworking base in Texas that believes in personal property rights, personal liberty, privacy, accountability in your home and your government, and keeping us out of unnecessary foreign wars? It votes. And not for left wing policies. Of course, they are also really, really tired of the hate, dysfunction and out of control spending from the Republican party, too.

I'm a 6th generation Texan. My daughters will grow up here, and my family will be here in another 150 years. We take the long view.

Libertarian values of small, fiscally responsible, local government, personal liberty and property rights, and keeping the government out of your home and business wherever practical, are very, very Texas. Libertarians believe in strong defense, but keeping out of unnecessary wars. Libertarians believe in the 2nd Amendment as a core part of the defense of Liberty, at the same time we believe in peaceful settlement of disputes, personal, domestic and foreign. Power is best used when it never has to be used. To paraphrase one of my competitors for the Libertarian nomination, it's not about wanting guns, it's a right, and I haven't given the Federal government the right to regulate it. Libertarians are as devastated over school shootings as every one of us. And debating solutions just like all of us. Libertarians believe the drug war has been a multi-decade debacle, and will eventually go the way of prohibition, so we might as well cut to the chase. I personally don't like shipping jobs and income to Colorado and Mexico, subsidizing criminal enterprises with drug laws, and then paying good tax dollars to put people in jail instead of letting them work. I really don't like running expensive bad policies for decades and claiming success is just around the corner, so we should double down. Libertarians argue over passionate issues like immigration and abortion just like everyone else. On immigration, Libertarians actually recognize we actually need people in this country who want to work and that regardless of your views, our current immigration policy is the worst of all worlds and needs changing.

Libertarian does not mean no or anti-government. It means I believe they work for me, and I expect them to do their job - and no more - not run up debts they can't pay, and be accountable. Do we like taxes? No, no one likes taxes. And I especially do not like runaway future taxes and inflation disguised as fiscal conservativeness. And I cringe over taxes caused by continuing increases in spending, out of control healthcare costs, and 17 year foreign wars with no end in sight.

Read each of our positions. Stop whining about who you're afraid of winning. Vote in November, and in the privacy of that voting booth, with only you God, and your conscience, decide whether you want to vote for one of two career politicians who have run your debts up beyond counting, or for the candidate who best represents your values, and has the best track record of actual success.


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